Starstruck offers classes to fit every style, schedule and ability.  Classes are held Mondays through Fridays beginning at 4:30 pm.

Levels range from beginner to advanced and all classes are age appropriate.  We offer teen classes for older students with less experience or who want to try new styles.

Classes begin the first week in August and finish the last week in May.  Recital is held end of May/beginning of June.  While regular classes are not offered during June and July, we encourage students to take advantage of our many workshops, camps and intensives which are held during these months.

We take a two-week break at the end of the year for the December holidays and a week in March for spring break which usually corresponds to the area school schedules.

To register for classes each family must create a family portal.  You can do this by clicking "Sign Up" at the top right on the front page.  If you are brand new to Starstruck we will need to evaluate you so we can open the appropriate class levels.  Please call or email us to set up an evaluation time.  Once we open class levels in your portal you will be able to register for the appropriate classes.


General Class Level Guidelines

These are general guidelines. If you need any help deciding on levels, please give

us a call. Our staff will recommend level adjustments if needed.

Combo Classes:

  • Shooting Stars              Ages 2-3 yrs old
  • Tiny Stars                      Ages 3-4 yrs old
  • Starstruck Next Gen     Ages 4-5 yrs old
  • Jazz / Tap Combo         Ages 5-6 yrs old

Level 1             Ages 5 - 8;  1st dance class after turning 5 if ready for a full hour of 1 style (Starstruck Next Gen 1)

Level 1/2         Ages 6 - 9;  1 or 2 years of dance class after age 5 (Starstruck Next Gen 1)

Level 2 - 2/3    Ages 6 - 11  2 - 3 years of dance class after age 5;

                            Knowledge of basic dance technique.

Level 3 - 3/4    9-13 years old;  3 - 4 years of dance class after age 5;

                            Solid spot of double turn.

Level 4 - 4/5    10 years old and up;  Solid triple turn and knowledge of fouettes/tours.

                          Good foundation of dance technique and placement. Generally

                          quick memorization of choreography.

Level 5             Ages 11 and up;  Solid quad turn.  Good execution of multiple turn/jump

                          sequences.  Strong foundation of dance technique and placement.

Level 6             Ages 12 and up.  Execution of 5+ pirouettes.  Strong turns/jumps

                          technique.  Superior foundation of dance technique and placement.


Teen Levels 1-3 / 3-4     Ages 11 and up.  Similar level requirements as above.


Class Descriptions

Combo Pre-School Classes

Shooting Stars (Ages 2-3)

Tiny Stars (Ages 3-4)

Starstruck Next Gen (Ages 4-5)

These classes incorporates ballet/jazz basics,  coordination, rhythm, beginning tap skills and flexibility in a structured environment.  Emphasis on classroom skills, dance etiquette and imagination help jumpstart a passion for dance.


As the foundation for all dance forms, classes focus on body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, turnout and technique through barre and floorwork.  Classes consist of traditional ballet technique and structured instruction.  All dancers are recommended to take at least one ballet class a week.

Pointe class is by teacher approval only.

Hip Hop

This high-energy, fun and funky class teaches basic isolations, popping and locking along with the latest dance moves to popular music.  Great for all levels of dancers.  A fun, popular street dance using the latest and trendiest pop culture music and moves


Classes consist of stretching, strengthening, isolations, turns, jumps, across the floor and center combinations embracing many different styles of jazz choreography.

Jumps / Turns

Concentration on proper technique to add strength and power to  jumps/progressions.

Concentration on a variety of turns to strengthen technical ability for turning elements.


Pulling from ballet and jazz technique, this class encourages individual expression and communication of emotions through articulate bodylines and choreography.


Classes focus on preparing dancers for their high school poms teams.  Disciplined arm  positions, turns, jumps and tricks are taught by area high school poms coaches.  This a very clean and fast paced style of dance. Classes are geared to dancers who are on or preparing to audition for their high school dance team.


The classic American dance form, tap classes work on teaching dancers rhythmic and classical styles, along with tap vocabulary.  A good basis for any form of dance. Both rhythm-based and classical tap techniques will be taught in intermediate and advanced levels.


This class comes from a ballet base.  Movement is placed and controlled for the dancers to really tap into proper technique using their core.


Speciality Classes & Programs

Audition Pro

This Class is designed to teach dancers how to walk intto auditions confidently.  Dancers will learn how auditions work, what to wear, tips to get nocticed and practice their skills. Lern how to play the audition game! This class will be available for dancers ages 8 and up!

Stall Bars/Technique

This class will focus on strength, stretch, core, stablilizing and flexibility.  Great for preventing injuries, improving posture, and mobility.

Jazz Fusion

This class is a mix of contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. Learn combos that blend the unique moves of contemporary and the athleticism of jazz.


This class will be offered for ages 13 and up.  Aerial silks is an art highly regarded around the world.  It involves strength in the upper body and body awareness.  If you want to take your dance skills to the next level this is a great class for you.

Latin Ballroom

This class will include instruction in tango walking, connection, dance floor navigation, musicality, and rhythm.  This authentic dance style will include both solo and partner work. This class is being offered for ages 13 and up.


Beg / Intermediate:  Working on forward/backward roll, cartwheel, round off, handstand, kip up, head spring, butterfly jump, aerials, front/back walkover

Advanced:  Working on front handspring, back handspring, side somi, snap down, brandi, front aerial, 540, tuck.  Prerequisite for Adv. - Required: Handstand (3 sec hold) Round off, Aerial (L or R), Preferred: Front / Back Walkovers, Kip Up, Headspring